Water Softeners

Kinetico water softeners are installed as stand-alone units or as part of a system. Illustrated units represent various sizes, applications and installations of Kinetico water softeners.
Which Kinetico water softener is recommended is determined by the specific problems being addressed, required flow rates, how the home or building was plumbed, type and size of plumbing as well as what is in the water and how much. Number of people or bathrooms doesn’t matter.

A properly sized and installed Kinetico water softener Does Not Require Any Adjustments and Will Not Run Out of Soft Water under any circumstances.

Kinetico water softeners do not use any electricity. No clocks, timers, batteries or computers.

Kinetico Water Softener
Kinetico Water Softener
Kinetico Water Softener Kinetico Water Softener
Kinetico Water Softener Kinetico Water Softener

Why Kinetico?

Water Water Water Inc. offers the only water softener that uses no electricity!

  • 40-70% of all the problems with water softeners are directly related to the clocks, timers, motors and computers. Kinetico has no electronics of any kind.
  • Equipment life expectancey can be doubled or tripled when electronics are eliminated.
  • Kinetico never regenerates in the middle of the night when you're trying to sleep.
  • Kinetico has NO adjustments!
  • Kinetico has no buttons, no dials, no place to put a wrench, no place to put a screwdriver, no batteries and no blinking lights.
  • Kinetico delivers soft water throughout the home during the regeneration process (no interruption of service).
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